About Me

​Hi, I am Mani and I love planning weddings!

Your vision is at the heart of what I love doing. Getting to know my clients, envisioning their dreams and being part of their countless, precious moments is a true privilege for me.

Following my career managing weddings at a bespoke venue, I decided to offer a more individual approach. Now, with plenty of hands on experience, I have delivered many high-end weddings and events. Covering both intimate and elaborate weddings  – the kind that will remain in people’s memories forever. 

I am a perfectionist – I have been told my wedding day orders are regimental! I believe the key to creating an bespoke wedding lies in the blend of infusing personality and thoughtful preparation. Nothing brings me more joy than after months of planning, seeing how relaxed and at ease my couples are on the day. 

It would be an honour to help you capture these priceless moments in time – and that’s what I love the most. 

The first step is to say ‘hi’ so please take a look through my website and learn more about what I can do for you. I’m here to make life as easy as possible and therefore, I am available for day, evening or weekend appointments.

Let’s talk!
Mani x