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Saffron Wedding Style
Designed To

Make Your Wedding Dreams Real

With Saffron Wedding Style, your wedding is sure to be exactly how you dreamt it to be. We use our love and passion for weddings, our abundance of creative skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that not only you but your guests are happy too. We will take care of every detail expected and unexpected.

About Me

Welcome to my passion for weddings. Planning your big day is at the heart of what I love doing. Whether I am running your special day or whether I am on the planning journey with you, envisioning your dreams and being part of your countless precious moments is a true privilege for me. Once you get to know me you will experience my open-minded approach to ideas and expectations, all coming from a bespoke mindset – the kind that will remain in your memory forever. I believe the key to creating your wedding will lie in the blend of infusing my grounded personality and my deep passion for perfection.   Feel free to take a look through my website, enjoy my connectedness to weddings and learn more about what I can do for your dream wedding. Mani x

Starlight Package 

Some couples are practical and organized when it comes to planning their wedding day.  However, every couple wants to enjoy their day without having to supervise their 'person in charge' who may be a guest at their wedding. This package is designed for couples-to-be who can have a professional coordinator running their day. A coordinator will be in charge of  ensuring that their dream wedding runs smoothly and the plan/itinery is executed.   As part of this package an initial consultation will identify your vision and expectations from which a tailored wedding coordination plan will be drawn. On the day itself your coordinator will work discreetly with your wedding vendors to ensure that your plan is followed  with precision and style, leaving you to enjoy your day and journey.

Sapphire Package 

This package is for couples-to-be who are good at partial planning. You will have done some of the ground work to appoint some of the professionals and need assistance to complete the team who will form your overall vision. 'Coordination on the day' is included in the package.


We Meet You

We will arrange an informal face-to-face meeting to identify your wedding day vision. You will have the opportunity to openly discuss your ideas so that we can capture your concept and theme. 


We Plan With You

The next stage will be a formal meeting of a minimum of 3 hours to discuss and record the first draft  of the plan. These meetings will continue until the final draft of the itinery has been drawn up which will be a month before the wedding day.


We Deliver Your Wedding

The final process will be to execute the plan. Comprehensive communication between the vendors throughout the day will ensure your day runs perfectly. 

Henna Tattoo and Jewelry_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Devine Package

This package is designed for couples-to-be who want it all and more. It includes up to 300 hours of consultations. You will be fully guided through the process of your vision. This Includes but not limited to, :finding your perfect venue(s)supplier(s),  budget management​, logistics & guest assistance, wedding day styling & design, rehearsal planning, creation of an itinerary, discreet wedding day management, special requests, communication & updates, meetings, phone calls and emails.

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